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DC, DC, DC, and DC 

Two miles from the on-ramp to Washington DC’s infamous Capital Beltway, Katie and I hit heavy traffic that slowed us to a crawl. The engine then abruptly shut off, which slowed us to a stop. A profound, head throbbing stop. We were in one of the interior of four lanes of traffic, and prolonged cranking of the engine produced no results, just a funny smell I later learned was our starter burning up.

When I finally realized I wasn’t going to get the engine to turn over I tried dialing AAA, but it was… Read more

Cape Cod, Salem, Stockbridge, Schenectady & PA 

We decided to to see Salem on our way out of the area, but not before setting out on a drive down the length of Cape Cod.

The Cape was a less built-up, less ritzy version of Long Island’s Hamptons. The drive to the point lasted a couple hours and took us through quaint historical towns like Sandwich (I honestly expected to find at least one Sandwich Sandwich SOMEwhere in town) and a couple more developed areas as well. Our favorite was the last town before the point, Provincetown, which also carries a wild… Read more

Yale, Somerville, Plymouth, Providence & Cambridge 

 Leaving New York, everyone we talked to had the same advice: “Take the ferry from Long Island to Connecticut -- traffic in Connecticut is horrible and it’ll take you five hours just to get through the state.” Me being the cheap-ass that I am, took one look at the ferry's $80 price tag and told myself, “Nah, the traffic won’t be THAT bad.” Well, it wasn’t. It was worse.

Once again, a three-hour trip turned into seven, and we arrived at our campground in Middleboro, Massachusetts after a short stop, a brisk… Read more

Long Island & NYC 

Driving to Long Island in a 13' tall camper means traversing the BQE, which has to be -- I swear to god -- the bumpiest patch of road outside Mongolia. Throw in the height restriction-necessitated detour through Brooklyn and Queens, and Google Maps' stated 2 hours and 24 minutes of driving time (including traffic!) became almost 5 1/2 hours. Not that I'm complaining though, because I actually enjoyed taking the scenic trip through a pair of outer boroughs, neither of which we would have time to see again… Read more

York & Philadelphia, PA  

Hmmmmm....where to begin? It turns out we're pretty horrible at keeping up with the blog, but I've got a few minutes so I'll try and catch up a little. Just a reminder though, we seem to be better at microblogging, so feel free to check out for more timely updates.

Katie's cousin Kerry (along with husband Brad and son Colin) was kind enough to have us to her house in York, Pennsylvania for a few days. York is on the fringes of Amish country, and we actually saw such a person… Read more

Asheville, Crozet, Irvington & DC 

 After our show in Raleigh we headed to Asheville for a long Halloween weekend with my Mom & Dan. 
We then drove through the Tennessee mountains to get to Crozet, Virgina where I played a show at The Mudhouse.

After Crozet we stayed with relatives in Irvington, it's in the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia. We were there almost a week to work on repairs for the camper's roof. It was a great time staying with family in a quaint town on the bay.

We then stayed the night with family in DC on our way to… Read more

Still Chugging 

Man, I so suck at this blog thing, ha. Lots has happened since the last update, so much that I need to sneak back and read where I left off so I know where to start...

After Macon we took a quick trip to the world-famous Georgia Aquarium to see some whale sharks before heading back to St. Pete to pick up our truck and camper. Apologies that we didn't call anyone to hang out, but time was limited and we had a LOT to do. We left Friday morning and set to s-l-o-w-l-y plod our way up I-75 at 55 miles per hour,… Read more

Savannah's CO-LAB Show with Sincerely Iris & The Sad Bastards 

I'm sitting in a Macon hotel room at 1:40 in the morning. I'm exhausted, but this might be my only chance to write for a couple of days.

Made it to Savannah last night and played at the Co Lab, a super cool venue owned and operated by SCAD alums and students. The crowd was great, and the Co Lab peeps were so sweet...I feel like I made a bunch of new friends. They also painted a super cool mural on the wall behind the stage with the names of the three bands playing that night, which was a first for us. We… Read more

It's All So Beautiful, It's All So Strange Premiered  

Had the premiere on Thursday in St. Petersburg at The Queens Head. Lots of familiar faces were there, all of whom propped me up when some technical problems showed their faces. I was able to get through them for the most part though, and all turned out pretty well. It was a crazy experience getting back on stage for the first time in years. The performance aspect felt surprisingly natural even after so much time away, though I have to say it's a helluva different animal holding the stage all by yourself… Read more
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